ZigaForm version 5.3.5


1. Minimum order quantity is for one fleece of at least 1.75kgs. Any fleece or batch under 1.75kgs will be
charged at 1.75kgs.

2. Price discount (5%) is applied to orders of 15kgs (incoming weight) of one batch of fleeces to be processed together to the same finished package.

3. Prices assume suri is one years growth or less than 8” in staple length.
Please note the additional charge levied on cria fleeces & fine fleeces (if required)of £12.00/kg (ex VAT) (or batch in which there is cria) or (fine)fleece which has not been adequately prepared).
Skirting & preparation of your fleece for processing is your responsibility (please do ask if you are unsure)

4. sorry, we do not offer a skirting service. Please see our download page for skirting PDF

5. Approximate winding costs can be calculated by multiplying your incoming weight by £7.00 (ex VAT). This will be your maximum charge for winding and should be used as a guide only.

6. Business customers with a deadline to meet are asked to use our Express Service to ensure we can meet your requirements (please enquire).

7. Prices shown here are current prices and are subject to change without notice and by sending fibre to be processed you are agreeing to our pricing policy, T&C etc.

8. We do not ask for a deposit in advance of processing unless your order is in excess of £1000 inc VAT. However we do require payment within 7 daysof the date of your e-invoice.

9. Our preferred method of payment is via BACs (bank transfer);we do not accept cheques or cash. Any late payments may be subject to an additional daily charge of 8% above base rate (as dictated by the Bank of England).

10. Finished goods are only dispatched or available for collection once full payment has been received. Payments
received from banks other than those within the UK will be subject to additional fees as charged by our bank.